#3 First day as ‘Travellers’

Awake at about 9am go for breakfast, informed seating is in room order

Awkardly eat yoghurt and cereal next to stalker in room 725

Decide its time to experience the ‘Culture’, make our way to the Twins

Arrive at the towers, stare in awe for about 10 mins (severe lack of photos as Ellie decided to wear a skirt that resembles a potato sack)

Whilst admiring the twins, some men from the Philopenes begin to approach us

Ask (we initially think) if we can take a picture of them

Acutally been asked to appear IN the photo

Pose awkwardly (they have now probably discovered the error in their judgement by choosing the two most unphotogenic girls)

Decide to venture into the shopping mall

Spend prolonged period of time in Marc Jacobs staring at our empty purses

Continue to stroll around taking in the ‘Culture’ (Topshop and Gucci)

As going up escalator, Debbie turns to Ellie to discuss how to find China Town

Ellie immediately turns to her left to see a man stood directly by her shoulder

Gives Debbie fleeting look of ‘oh for gods sake’

Get off escalator

Ellie grabs Debbie to hide in Tiffany’s explaining the chap (stalker number 2) has been following us throughout our wonderings of the mall

Stalker No.2 begins looking for us and sees us idly looking at engagement rings (Jamie she has high hopes, good luck)

Comes into shop with the greeting ‘its a crime to look that hot’

Ellie and Debbie explain they have loads of massive guy friends to meet up with

Once again find themselves sprinting Usain Bolt style back to the hotel

Get back at 2pm, go sit by the pool

Get pestered every 10 minutes by pool attendant to eat fruit sticks

Ellie munches away, Debbie due to allergies (eventhough not scientifically proven) is not able to take advantage of the free food

Have delicious meal in the hotel

Debbie attempts to be adventourous for dessert, ends up ordering something that tastes like strawberry flavoured soap

Watching Ellie tuck into a chocolate trilogy listening to her go on AND ON about it being the best she has ever tasted

Debbie kicks Ellie under table

Spend the evening listening to the live entertainment




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