#10 A spontaneous trip to Wolfs’ Creek

Wake up fresh ready for a promising day visiting the snowy mountains

 Bus sets off drive for three hours

 Notice burning smell

 Tour guides ignore, continue on

 Smoke begins rising from the bonnet

 Pull over

 Evacuate bus, presume engine has overheated

 20 mins later back on bus, ignoring burning rubber stench and likely explosion building

 We stop, again

 Tour guide looks inside engine to discover corn belt has melted/snapped

 We have broken down 30 minutes in both direction to the nearest towns

 Tour guides decides to move bus a few metres down the road towards a “pretty brook”

 Failing to notice the rotting kangaroo carcass which is now metres from the bus which lets off a ferrel stench every time a car drives past

 Instead of our fulfilled day taking a ski lift up the snowy mountains taking in stunning views, we are sat by a dead kangaroo in 34 degree heat, at a place named “wolf creek”

 (Ellie and Debbie had not seen the film wolf creek which destroyed Australian tourism for a decade, if they had they may of reconsidered their next move)

 They attempt to walk to the next town leaving the tour group

 Walk 30 mins down a deserted road

 Initial bravery begins to break.

 The sound of crickets is now replaced with howling wolves


 Ellie and Debbie pelt back to bus petrified

 Dive onto the bus exclaiming their near death experience being eaten by wolves.

 The story is somewhat ruined when the Norwegian pipes up with ‘it would of been dingos’

 Silent. Scowl at Norwegian

 Tour guide has been gone three hours to find recovery lorry

 It’s very hot no food no water

 Norwegian being annoyingly European an optimistic puts on a swimming costume an heads for brook

 Watch her leap down grass verge.

 She ran like a pigeon.

 It’s now been 6 hours

 We see the recovery lorry

 Sadly the Norwegian also hears it an comes bounding back.

 Take seats on new bus, listening to it go on and on about the brook

 Shut up. You stink of swamp

 Reach snowy mountains.

 It’s to late to do anything

 Spend sleepless night staring at the randomly placed cockroach traps around dorm room.


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