#2 Arrive at the hotel

Amazing view of the twin towers outside hotel room

Go downstairs to scope out hotel, and find out where the promised FREE bar is

Lady informs us we don’t have the correct room to be given all the perks promised by the liar in STA

Debbie and Ellie storm up hotel to 7th floor pack suitcases demand to be moved to club suite

Five minutes later are back on the 7th floor a bit sweaty unpacking

Attempt to salvage day 1 of travels

Day 1 

Go to bank to collect some Malaysian Ringits

Head back to hotel for a ‘lite bite’

Sit in bar area order a club sandwich and some battered chicken wings

Waiter appears surprised by our choices

He appears back with 10 triple decker sandwiches, while Ellie is left speechless staring at an entire battered chicken (put chicken in napkin to save for later)

Go upstairs at 3pm for a small nap

Wake up at 10pm, eat cold battered chicken (similar diet to the UK)

Giggle and chat about Christian Grey having pillow flights in our underwear (in reality spend an hour arranging photo in the bath with our books)

Get into PJ’s, about to fall asleep

Discover note under the door sent from stalker room 725

Ellie collects note

“Hello Ladies,

May I help you, I can’t sleep hear you’re voice so cute. Can I go in your room. Make space
Send back to me, don’t worrie I’m ok” 

Debbie writes a reply ‘sorry we will keep the noise down’

Ellie launches piece of paper under the door he replies. AGAIN

Explains his life story which ends with ‘I’m lonely, i like white girls, please open the door’

Sprint to reception

Speak with manager, immediately get moved rooms

First night in Kuala Lumpa up at 2 in the morning writing statements

Night manager informs us in his 20 years as night manager, this has never happened … ever.


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