#7 Can’t be friends with everyone, or anyone

Wake up

Don’t shower (surprise surprise)

No make up, attempt natural look

Hot guy at front desk


Walk to beach

Walk back from beach, Debbie doesn’t own a towel

Buy towel

Back on sand

Make our first friend , Sid

He’s a fly

Ellie and Debbie sun themselves

Sid gets stuck in Ellies hair

4pm, look nicely bronzed, compare tan lines

Go back to hostel

Ellie has failed to mention Debbies nose could stop traffic (atleast it hasn’t melted)

Relax in social area, attempt to make friends

Get invited to beach to watch penguins

Go to shop, our new ‘friends’ buy goon – we follow suit (this is an alcoholic bevarage that tastes like flat lambrini)

Debbie discusses at school she used to be known as the Lambrini queen

No one cares

Get to pier

Penguin count : none

Water rat : one

Sit with new friends who in turn introduce themselves

One of them is called Sherriff another Solomon

Debbie assumes possible joke


Its not a joke

Friendship crumbling

Watch a Canadian and American argue about presidential elections, while Debbie and Ellie comment on the flaming penguins flying through the sky

They are not flying penguins, they are sea gulls lit up by street lights

Don’t talk for an hour

Drink alot of goon

Police come


The group remain still

Debbie and Ellie appear back from behind lampost

Decide the likelihood of friend requests is looking doubtful

Debbie does elaborate movements, gesturing the dying need for the toilet


Get back to base

Decide Sid isn’t as bad as first thought

(still managed to get in the ‘group photo’ will keep you all posted if we recieve a tag request)


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