#4 Discover civilisation

Pop down for breakfast at 9am

Decide to have a day by the pool with Christian G

Whack the bikinis out

Position ourselves on the sun loungers

Decide to sun will obviously come out within the hour

Pointlessly sweat in the humidity, constantly persuading eachother ‘we are tanning, the sunrays will get through the grey clouds’

It rains.

Go to room pop on some clothes, decide to attempt to leave hotel again..

Have lunch (budget style, after spending 500 malaysian ringits the night prior)

Get seated

Ellie wipes the table with her finger, observing the disease she has probably just contracted

Move tables

Order seafood noodles

Leave relatively full (Ellie is still moaning about her finger)

Continue to stroll up street trying to find Ellie some flip flops


Go to H&M, Ellie buys a top convincing herself its cheaper than in the UK (its not)

Go to Mall, which is enormous see the first sign of xmas

Sit and relax  drinking iced choc looking at 20ft Christmas tree

Head back to hotel, decide Kuala Lumpa isn’t as scary as first thought

When approaching hotel taxi driver shouts ‘You’s so sexy’ Ellie responds with ‘No thank you’

Debbie laughs explaining what the taxi driver has actually said (amazed Ellie doesn’t understand her own people)

Get back to room, start drifting off at 4 pm (daily nap, still living the uni dream Hannah Kent)

Wake up at 2am

Paint nails, pack suitcases ready for transfer to airport

Say our farewells to nice lady at reception who liked (probably stole) our clothes


The Airport


Get to airport, check in smoothly

Decide to quickly pop to the toilet

Go in, open the toilet cubicle door – glare at the non-existant toilet which is a hole in the floor

Debbie shouts ‘Get me to sodding Australia’ leaves toilet immediately

Meanwhile Ellie believes they might not all be like that

Opens door on a woman mid flow squatting over the hole.

Sprints out toilet red faced grabbing Debbie on the way

Sit in departure lounge, prepare to board plane




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