#12 ‘Don’t speak to strangers on the internet’ – we lived with one.

Farmwork; Ellie looks forward to returning to her roots

Debbie mentally prepares to face a cow

He’s called Russell, and lives in Capella, Queensland  –  Google map shows his home is situated on an abandoned tennis court

Alter address to parents

Board flight, with 4 other people

Debbie feels sick

Ellie feels sick

Spend the following hour accusing the other for getting into this situation

Arrive at airport/shack in the middle of some Tarmac

Sit in waiting room

Glare at every male

Debbie voices (loudly) ‘I’m not going anywhere if its with him’

Pointing in the general direction of every man who all look like the lead from Wolf creek

Receive message “I’m out the back, in a white truck with a blue box in the back”

For fuck sake.

Walk outside, prepare to see our blue coffin

Greeted by young male wearing sunnies and a cap, aged 25

Good fortune, surely not?!

Get in truck

Debbie (obviously) takes her “side seat” without argument leaving Ellie wedged between Rusell with a gear stick in between her legs

It was a manual

Get back to Russels, Immediately rearrange furniture

Russell comes out to see Debbie dragging her bed into Ellie’s room

Positive note, we look like a gay couple

He won’t try it on

I’d like to think travelling has made me less naive to these situations

Following morning go to kitchen observe to do list

Initial advertised job description; work on cattle station, make lawn, clean airplane.

Today’s list; wrap Christmas presents.

(This job was never completed as Ellie and Debbie were kidnapped by Russels ((ex)) friends and forced to drink beer, he never spoke to those friends again.)


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