#5 Enter Australia

Board plane

Ellie comments on odd noise, Debbie assumes from plane

Debbie mimik’s noise

Ellie kicks Debbie explaining its actually a noise coming from the man behind

Spot fit guy


Spot fit girl who sits next to fit guy

End of holiday romance

Pop head phones on

Debbie watches Miley Cyrus movie

Ellie admires scenic view

Debbie closes shutter as the light ruins the film

Ellie resorts back to Christian

Ellie sleeps…Debbie watches

Plane lands

Begin the Aussie dream

     Post plane

Go through immigration

Handsome officer asks Ellie what she plans to do in Australia

Nervously giggles ‘i don’t know’ (every guy loves a girl with ambition)

Allowed into country, go collect luggage

Ellie spots suitcase, attempts to drag off conveyor belt

Debbie observes struggle

4 men help damsel in distress act as Ellie is slowly being dragged behind suitcase on conveyor

Luggage collected

Ellie storms off ahead annoyed at Debbies lack of helpfulness

Debbie gets stuck pulling suitcase through the arrivals door

Causes mass pile up, Ellie watches on (karma..)

Go find transfer

Can’t find transfer

Been waiting at wrong bus stop, find correct stop

Decide against using the public footpath instead walk along wrongside of road nervously dodging buses

Get into taxi

Listen to driver discuss how amazing Melbourne is

Get excited

Find out taxi driver is originally from Swindon

Get less excited

Arrive at hostel, huge party happening

Theme : Wet T-Shirt, winner $200

Debbie is distraught she has missed this prime opportunity

Find room



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