#6 Listen, you are on a budget

Wake up

Debbie catches eye contact with girl on the bunk above Ellie

Awkwardly stares, any possible friendship ruined

Both wake up

Decide to catch tram to city centre

Ellie and Debbie have never used a tram before

Poke ticket machine

Debbie decides swiping drivers license and making ‘beep’ noise is sufficient

Take seats

Jump off at city centre

Have pizza for breakfast

Go to visitor centre to find clothing shops (Ellie is still yet to own a pair of flip flops)

Ellie waits in queue

Debbie wonders off

Ellie turns around to see Debbie wearing every piece of Australian merchandise available

Ellie takes Debbie out of visitor centre

Decide too hot for shopping, but not for a stroll

Attempt to walk to St.Kilda with the idea if the tram takes 20 minutes it should only take an hour, max.

5 hours later catch a taxi back to the hostel

Ellie appears to have grown another toe from rubbing deck shoes (her choice of footwear instead of bringing flip flops)

Sit with Clinton at help desk

Spend $800 in 30 minutes agreeing to every trip in the brochure because Clinton is averagely good looking

Go upto room

Read what we have booked

A 3 day walking trip which consists of climbing the highest peak in Australia, visiting the Snowy Mountains (tan will be looking well) and to end venture visit the houses of parliament


Budget tea; MacDonalds


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