#13 Reasons why not to lie on your CV

Wake up at 6am

Russels made a BBQ

Beef sausages


Jump in truck

Russel explains his brothers sister also studied agri-business


Meet the family, Mark, Mary and their baby of 6 months and.. Abbie

Head out to cattle station

Ellie hops in the back of the truck

Debbie takes her seat at the front

Abbie also wants to sit in the front

Sits on Debbies lap

Debbie doesn’t like children, especially ones related to Satan

Its a bumpy road

Abbie nearly falls from Debbies lap

Debbie steadies her

Abbie, after spitting out fire shouts ‘Get off me’

Mark looks at Debbie

Debbie gives awkward ‘I am not a paedophile’ smile

Ponders how obvious it would be to open passage door and kick minion of anti-Christ out.

Reach cattle station

Watch out for snakes in the long grass

Debbie stills

Pelts across long grass

First job – separate cattle

Debbie assumes into different colours

Debbie observes Ellie rounding up cattle with a number of hand gestures and whistles

Ellie turns round to see Debbie doing star jumps and slapping her thighs

Get brown cows into one pen

Ellie stands on gate encouraging cows to move forward

Debbie follows suit

Debbie gets kicked by a cow

Ellie looks at debbies shaking foot

Cow escapes

Runs straight at Debbie


Lets cow pass

The others role their eyes

Debbie is just glad she hasn’t wet herself

Wife explains its time for ‘smoko’

Asks if we have this in England

Debbie spends the journey back to the house nudging/winking and just generally doing every action to make anyone feel uncomfortable ‘yeh, don’t worry we get it..’

10 minutes later Ellie and Debbie are sat having a form a elevensies with the family, tea and biscuits

Not getting stoned.



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