#9 Some reputations will follow you to the grave

Wake up

Put on trainers in preparation for climbing highest peak in Australia

Meet fellow tour members

8 Brits, a Norwegian and a Canadian

Canadian is already an aquaintance from the “flying penguins” night, only hope the goon suppressed his memory of that evening

Drive for a few hours

Stop for brief lunch

Pop to toilet


A crab is using the toilet as its own spa

Back on bus continue on

Reach first destination

Begin to trek, reach first destination

Stand on rock admiring the landscape view from the ‘highest peak’

Which is three higher peaks.

Choose not to comment

Debbie’s trainers have started to rub

She sees blood, prepare for panic attack

Ellie wishes that Debbie would stop bragging about being so tall and so lucky to have such small feet. She is a size 6. Not a size 5.

Reach beach have lunch, soggy sandwiches

Seagull approaches

Ellie puts piece of sandwich on Debbie’s foot

Seagull pecks it off

Ellie and Debbie hysterically laugh

The rest of the group is not so amused when the seagull tries to eat their lunch also.

Reach accommodation for the evening

An RSL, ie a retirement centre for the elderly

Shower, get dressed for evening meal

Go to restaurant situated in RSL

There is a dress code: no thongs, ripped trousers, hats, revealing tops

Ellie peers up at Debbie in her ripped jeans and backless top (it was also a cold evening…)

Take seats at table with tour group

Have general chit chat, prepare for blank looks when told where we attended university

But it appears one of their best friends has also recently just graduated from harper.

Debbie savours the last few hours looking civilised before contact is made with the friend who will likely explain the Harris -Hilton alter ego, and 3 surgical procedures


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