#14 Fired.

Holidays is spent with Russells’ family

They explain the walls of their home used to be infested with snakes

Great- next topic.

Christmas morning

Abbie, Satans sporn, gets a Barbie and calls it Ellie

The family find it endearing and look at Ellie with loving eyes

Debbie considers hitting a child

Makes final attempt to become friends with it.

Gets in paddling pool (fully clothed to make Lucifer re-incarnated happy)


Abbie gets out and laughs

Debbie gets out and stands on barbie

New Year – Same Russell

 Chores list : Clean kitchen, make lawn

Debbie treats Ellie and gets up early to polish all the work surfaces in kitchen

Ellie wakes up to odd smell

Debbie has cleaned entire kitchen with cockroach killer

Ellie re-cleans kitchen

Next job, make the lawn

Ellie is going to use the Dingo from neighbours next door with strict instructions

Do not break it and don’t let the neighbours see you using it  

 Its 38 degrees

Debbie lifts a shovel and breaks a sweat

Goes back inside

Ellie gets on Dingo (soil lifter upper) and starts shovelling

Debbie hears scream

The neighbours hear scream

Debbie looks out window, still exhausted from the shovel

Ellie and Dingo have fallen into large hole


Russell comes home

Broken Dingo is returned to neighbours

Russell wants to give feedback so far on our employment

Debbie decides it would be funny to do appraisal on Russell also

Russell explains he is really happy with our (Ellie’s) work

Spend following 10 minutes telling employer he can’t sing and should move his keyboard playing outside

Debbie and Ellie look for new jobs.


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