Which “other” friend were you

We can’t all be the most popular, the prettiest, the funniest. But don’t fret, you are a valued member of the group in your own ‘special’ way.
See some examples below of the classic ‘other’ friend

The one at the school disco sweating in a tracksuit
Sporty Spice, Spicegirls

The sensible one. You tried to show your wild side in the second film, we all cringed.
Miranda, Sex and the City

Sex and the City 2

Sexy fancy dress just isn’t your thing?
Drew Barrymore, Charlies’ Angels

You tried so hard, but you’re just not ‘fetch’
Gretchen, Mean Girls

No one really knows why you are there, you don’t bring much to the party – but hey, no one asked you to leave!
Tina, S Club 7
Music - Nottingham Party in the Park - S Club 7

You got pregnant
Mimi, Crossroads

You’re like funny and ‘quirky’.
No, you’re just really weird
Phoebe, Friends


Even though you were a girl you had to play a boy because you were the tallest.
Hermaphrodite Tinky Winky, Teletubbies

Your favourite colour is pink, everything you own is pink – but due to the playground hierarchy you had to be…
The Yellow Power ranger, Power Rangers (Assemble!)

Hair in your mouth? no one cares, everyone else looks great.
The third wheel.
Michelle, Destiny’s Child


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