#15 Seriously, wear a seatbelt.

Debbie and Ellie find employment at Irish bar down the road

But still awkwardly live at ex-employer Russell’s home

Every morning is uncomfortable

Walk to work in 38 degrees heat

Begin cleaning rooms for men who work in mines and serving behind the bar

They seem nice

Overly nice

Get home to find note from Russell

‘Gone away for few days.’

Ellie and Debbie stop celebrating when they discover large toad under sofa

Debbie kicks toad, which barks back

What the actual fuck

Ellie, whilst stood on kitchen table yells: ‘He’s put it there on purpose’

Debbie guides toad out to patio with spade

Whilst chauffeuring out toad gets called over by neighbours

Debbie and Ellie go over

Get told to be careful of new employers

Apparently Capella made National News when all the miners contracted herpes from sleeping with Debbie and Ellie’s new employers at Irish bar


Ellie goes back to work following evening to work behind the bar

Debbie fears the return of the barking toad, so joins Ellie an hour later

Begins drinking and chatting to miners

Debbie orders every cocktail on the menu, knowing Ellie can’t make any

Good friend

Shift finishes

Debbie is smashed

Ellie is approached by miner

‘How much?’

Discover new employers are not only riddled with Herpes, they’re also prostitutes

Debbie tells Ellie to ask for a good price

Ellie shouts at Debbie

Invite miners back to ex-employer Russell’s for house party

Debbie, Ellie and the miners get in the back of ute

The driver has been drinking cocktails with Debbie

Leave Irish bar

Driver speeds off at give-way

Debbie, along with three other miners, roll off back of ute

Ellie screams

Ute stops

Ellie runs to Debbie

Debbie thinks she is dying

Ellie tells Debbie to stop being melodramatic about the graze on her elbow

Ellie explains there is a man who has cracked his head open and might actually be dying

Debbie gets up

One miner calls ambulance

The ute hides around the corner

Ambulance arrives

Ellie explains the man with the cracked skull  ‘slipped’

Ambulance driver looks around at the others who have also fallen off the ute with grazes on their face and arms

Doesn’t comment and takes away severly injured man

Debbie, Ellie and miners all head back to Russells’

See Russell’s truck in driveway


Wake up next morning

Ellie and Debbie are through with Capella

Decide they just want to be on a beach

Book flights to Brisbane

The only place in Australia that doesn’t have a beach.



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