‘I’m not a boring guy’ – No, you’re just an idiot

He wasn’t my usual type (I didn’t find him attractive, but he was friends with someone from Made in Chelsea) We went to The Hollywood Arms in Chelsea, he said I should feel special because he’d never taken a girl there before (I felt less ‘special’ when I found out his house was a minute walk away).

The conversation got a little deep when he spoke about his troubled childhood (his servant nearly died trying to get him a coconut from a tree) and how he left home to find independence at 15 (and moved into his parents other flat in Chelsea).

 We talked about travelling (he’s going to Cyprus this week with a girl he’s “probably going to bang”) and his entrepreneurship from starting his own company (something to do with property ‘mates rates’ rah rah rah, no idea – Alex Mytton walked past and I got distracted).

 He was extremely confident (when we walked outside he accused a random woman of winking at him – she didn’t, her husband didn’t think she did either) It wasn’t the worst date ever (I vocally rated it a 4/10, he called me ‘cold’) he did ask me a few questions about myself  (‘do you have any fit friends?’)

 But the night was still young so we went to another bar (he took me to a club) he knew all the hot spots (‘this place is always filled with hookers on a Sunday’).

A second date? Maybe (not- when I returned from the bathroom he was chatting up another girl and introduced me as ‘his mate Debs’).


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