#16 Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover, Or A City By Its Name

Debbie and Ellie arrive in Brisbane

Catch train to hostel

Check in

It smells

Have a walk round Brisbane

Find ‘beach’ – a litter ridden lido which also smells

Ellie and Debbie are beginning to question why people keep banging on about Australia

Check out of hostel

Ellie desperately searches any city that is a train journey away

Debbie comments that a lot of her friends (people who she has stalked on Facebook and have no idea she exists) go to a place called Surfers Paradise

Ellie isn’t so sure about Debbie’s idea

Debbie uses the logic it wouldn’t be called Surfers Paradise if it wasn’t filled with beautiful surfers

Board train to Surfers Paradise

Reach Paradise

It’s raining

Rush to catch bus to city centre

Go under rusty sign that says ‘Surfers Paradise’

Ellie is too busy to notice ‘scenery’ as she panics to find accommodation

Debbie continues to stare at the rain wondering where the surfers are

Ellie finds house share on Gumtree, seems like a good way to meet new people

Ellie rings the landlord

He answers in disjointed English, explaining ‘room available, cheap price’

Walk to house in, what is now, torrential rain

The neighbour owns an angry rottweiler

He’ll be nice to walk past everyday

Little Indian man answers the door

Ellie and Debbie look at their new ‘friend’ and landlord

Get shown to room

Ellie and Debbie shut out rain and download ‘Wolf Creek’

Watch film

Debbie and Ellie both hate horrors and question why they just put themselves through 70 minutes of a true story which is about two girls travelling Australia who get kidnapped, raped, grotesquely murdered never to be seen again

Landlord knocks on door to say good night

Debbie locks door

Wake up

Turn on black and white TV

Weather reporter explains a cyclone has hit the East Coast, ‘expect flooding, torrential rain – we have never seen rain like this’

Debbie rolls eyes ‘of course you haven’t’

Spend Australia day with landlord in floral living room as he explains ‘I miss people, family all left me because I care more about business’

Begin the following day looking for apartments

Find one with tennis courts

Debbie explains to Ellie it’s perfect, she loves playing tennis and she’s really good, they won’t need friends when they’ve got a tennis court.

Sign a three-month contract

Ellie and Debbie can’t afford tennis rackets

Borrow two for a day

Realise neither can play

Have photoshoot on court instead





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