Caution – I’m Highly Flammable

It was an unforgettable evening (I still have the scars) me and a couple of friends thought it would be funny to go as sheep for Welsh night (there is nothing ‘funny’ about wearing flammable cotton wool)


We all arrived at the bar and chatted with other freshers, making new friends (the girl I chatted too got out a lighter and set me on fire) we had such a laugh (I ran around the bar a human ball of flame) It got a bit rowdy at times, drinks were flying (my friend chucked a glass of vodka at me to put me out – resulting in more fire)


I ripped my top off with excitement (in fear as it took off half the skin on my face) but was soon taken to the bathroom to calm down (*cool down) the bar staff were on hand to take care of the situation (‘Do you want us to call an ambulance’.. no I want to build a snowman, YES CALL A FUCKING AMBULANCE)


The excitement soon died down (the ambulance arrived and took my burnt body to a specialist burns unit) My friend was really worried ( -about himself, he delayed the ambulance leaving as he thought he was having an allergic reaction to vodka)


The doctor explained how lucky I was  (lucky? I got set on fire dressed as a sheep..)  and he made me feel really comfortable during my examinations so I wasn’t embarrassed about my appearance (my doctor felt the need to be accompanied by an army of young male doctors, so when I came on my period mid way through an examination I literally wanted to die)


I did feel a little bit self-conscious leaving the hospital but knew my family would make me feel better (Father: ‘We are going to have to tint the windows, that face is going to take drivers off the road’)


2 thoughts on “Caution – I’m Highly Flammable

  1. I’m crying with laughter… “Lucky? I got set on fire dressed as a sheep”, the unexpected period and your dad’s reaction….too much!


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