The Ultimate Christmas Quiz

Who’s waiting for you underneath the mistletoe this year?


1) How would you describe your 2016?

A) It’s been tough at times but that’s just life.

B) Looking both ways to cross a road then getting hit by a plane.

C) Who cares!

D) 10 out of 10, wouldn’t change a thing.


2) If you were elected as Prime Minister what would be your scandal?

A) I’ve always been a very private person. The press would have to do some serious digging.

B) Waking up on the doorstep of No.10 naked in a hand towel.

C) Dressing up as Santa and running around the House of Commons pointing at all the Politicians on the naughty list.

D) Any hole’s a goal – I’d fuck the pig.


3) If a clown attacked you what would you do?

A) Tell the full grown adult to get a grip and give them a helpline to call.

B) Thank it and lie down.

C) Fight it!

D) Join it – I’d rather be on the winning team.


4) Which Fantastic Beast would you be?

A) The Thunderbird – A powerful flying beast that can sense danger. The stand alone hero who can always be relied on to save the day even in the most impossible circumstances.

B) The Bowtruckle – A small twig like creature that guards wand-wood trees (can be a little clingy).

C) The Niffler – A mischievous burrowing creature with a soft spot for anything shiny.

D) The Obscurus – A beast which can’t be caged and causes devastation and destruction wherever it goes.


5) Who has been your favourite break out star(s) of BBC Planet Earth II?

A) The Planet Earth team who helped the baby turtles reach the sea.

B) The lizard out running the snakes – it gave me hope.

C) This little guy!


D) Planet Earth? I was watching X Factor.


6) When you found out Prince Harry had a girlfriend how did it make you feel?

A) Happy for him – he deserves it.


C) Harry? There’s only one royal who deserves media attention.


D) Can she be deported?


7) What is at the top of your Christmas list?

A) Spending time with loved ones.



D) Cement and bricks.


8) In 2017 what is your New Years resolution?

A) To keep learning and growing as a person.

B) Move somewhere with no wifi so I can lead a happy and peaceful life again.

C) Too busy watching the countdown to Christmas to even think about 2017!



Mostly A’s:

Your resilient nature has allowed you to overcome this difficult year and come out even better and stronger. You deserve to be under the mistletoe with another champion of 2016…




Mostly B’s

2016 has been a shit year for the best of us, but you’ve made it out alive and at least 2017 can only get better. You deserve this treat.




Mostly C’s

Your festive cheer and happiness is enough to bring us all out of the doom and gloom of 2016 and for that you deserve to be in the company of everyones favourite Christmas elf…



Mostly D’s

Well, I suppose no one can fault your ambitious nature…

(Might wanna guard your pussy for this one)






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