The Escape Date

On Paper:

Use your senses, instincts, and wits to escape from one of our rooms in under 60 Minutes!

Have you got what it takes?

In Reality:

The date began as usual with my housemate wasting my precious time.

“Where are you off to Debbie?”

“Escape room”

“Who with?”

“German guy called Janis”

“Where did you meet him?”


“Not this again Debbie.”

“It’s’ fine Laura!”

“He could be trapping you in his basement!”

“I’ve done a background check this time.”

“What type of background check?!!”

“He has Facebook.”

“Everyone has Facebook. You’re not going.”




The Date:

My date hadn’t told me the address to “keep the mystery alive” and my only instruction was to meet outside Bank tube station at 6:45. Unfortunately I couldn’t get outside Bank tube station because Bank tube station looks like this.

I checked my phone and saw it was fast approaching 7pm when the escape was meant to start. I took a set of stairs to the apparent exit but just ended up on another platform going the way I’d just come, then I took an escalator and got even more lost and deeper into the fucking underground.

A security guard could see my angst and came rushing over.

“Madame what is happening?!”

“Where are you meant to be?”

“Outside Bank tube station!”

“Well you’re in Monument station right now.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine –  it’s two seconds away, just calm down and follow me”

He showed me out the station and through the correct exit but before I could say thank you I was faced with…


“Where have you been?”

“I got trapped in the station Janis -”

We ran to the venue, already 10 minutes late and Janis took command:

“I have a booking for 7pm, unfortunately my date was late.”

“Well if you’d given me the address Janis!”

“She got trapped in Bank tube station”

“Not to worry guys, all that matters is that you’re here now.”

The receptionist told us to politely put all our possessions into lockers but as soon as they slammed shut her whole persona changed from friendly girl doing a part time role to top Bond baddie.

“Listen to me you two, I will only explain this once. When you get in that room you only have sixty minutes to get in steal the crown jewels and escape.”



I started thinking my date and the receptionist would make quite a good couple.

“And if you need help there is a telephone inside which will put you directly through to me. However there will be a penalty of 5 minutes deducted off your final time when you use it.”

“That won’t be necessary Madame”

“I admire your confidence Sir”

“I rarely fail.”

“Didn’t win the war though did you Janis”

“What was that Debbie?!”

The Escape

We entered the room, the door locked immediately behind us and the timer was set…

“What do we do now Janis?”

“Start finding clues”

“What kind of clues?”

“Any clues to get to the crown jewels then get out this room Debbie”

“Oh – shall we give that lady a call?”

“No! Look, you can see we need to get through that door there which is locked as that’s where the crown jewels are likely to be hidden. So look for anything that could fit in that lock.”

“Yes Debbie, like a key.”

My date began frantically searching the room, speaking to himself in code – as I questioned the guard.


“He isn’t real. Now stop taking his clothes off and come over here.”

My date explained how he’d found magnets and a fishing rod to create a lever to lift the key from the far corner and opened the first lock.

And I thought about other things

“Debbie are you listening to me!”

“Yep! Sorry – what do I need to do?”

“You see this collection of keys, we need to open all those lockers in front of us. Then they should get us into that trapped door over there.”

We began to open all the lockers pulling out puzzle pieces. They made a numbered code but left us no closer to opening the trapped door when something came to me…

“I’ve got an idea Janis! Come and stand in front of this door with me.”


“Just do it and hold my hand.”


The phone suddenly began ringing and my date rushed over as I continued to work on the door.

“That was the receptionist on the phone Debbie.”

“Oh, why don’t you just marry the fucking girl”

“She’s just given us a huge clue! One of those light switches opens the trap door.”

He pressed all the switches and with a small click the door opened and inside was a painting of our Queen with a jewellery box containing …

With only a few minutes to spare my date and I (now wearing all the crown jewels) ran to door we had come in from, typed in the code from the puzzle pieces earlier and escaped.

The receptionist came running up to us fuelled with excitement.

“Congratulations! You are the quickest pair who have ever escaped. So if you can just give me back the crown jewels.”

“What? Janis I’m not giving these back to her”

“Please give me back that crown, now Madame.”


“Debbie, give them back to her.”



“Please don’t be upset Madame! You can still go over to our photo booth and get some pictures done-”

My date appeared just as excited at the prospect of some dress up and we rushed over briefly chatting about his choice of date and possibility of another.

“Why did you pick to come here Janis?”

“Just wanted to give it a go and no one else would come with me.”

“Oh, well if you wanted to go on another date.”

“Debbie that won’t be happening.”

“Why?! I know we had our differences but we still managed to come together and escape-”

“Debbie it’s not that”


Cost: £26

Dangerous Rating:

A 10 out of 10 experience but unfortunately for romance there are just some differences you can’t overcome, but thanks to Tinder there is still plenty more fish in the se-

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