The Podcast Date

On Paper:

Coming Up Next is one of the highest rated podcasts in Australia. The show, still in it’s infancy, has given people in the entertainment industry a unique opportunity to get their voice out, to be themselves without ‘the spin’, whilst also having a platform to promote themselves & their projects.

In Reality:

“DD, fancy doing a live date on my Podcast? I’ll be in the UK on the 7th of December, I usually like to do it in a quite place so it would have to be at my Airbnb.”

Meeting a stranger with recording equipment at an Airbnb on a first date?

The Date

“Debbie, where are you?”

Pretending to be dead so I don’t have to socialise…

“It’s the 7th we’re meant to be recording our first date?”

“I thought you said the 11th?”


“Well, I am free on the 11th if you want to do it then?”


The Date  – Take two

I arrived and my date handed me a glass of prossecco …

“Only 5 days late Debbie.”

“Better late than never Alastair!”

The moment I took my seat in front of the mic the full scale fear of what I was about to do began to kick in. This wasn’t like one of my blog posts where I could edit myself to read like the Harry Potter of the dating world. This would show the truth…

“Debbie, you ready to start?”

“So first things first, why did you start your blog?”


“Ok…we’ll try another one. What’s been your worst date?”

“Do you enjoy dating?”


“You can’t say no comment!”


“Ok, I can tell you’re feeling uncomfortable about questions on your blog, so do you have any other interests, travelling for instance?”

“I went to Australia once actually”

“Yeah – did you enjoy it Debbie?”

“Nah – fell off the back of a truck.”

I looked to my date who had his head down staring at the microphone – unsure on how to handle the apparent mute he had invited on his date.

“Alastair can I quickly go to the toilet?”

“Yeah, it’s down the hall to the left.”

I sat on the toilet, at a loss of what to do – I’m usually full of bullcrap on a first date but the microphone in front of me had rid all my confidence. I let out a quick puff of nervousness and pulled up my pants and reached for the door handle…

I tried to stay calm. But then I pulled it again…

And it still didn’t move.

So I jumped to every conclusion.

“What the hell is going on in there Debbie!?””

“It’s a push door Debbie! Stop screaming!”

I pushed the door and it immediately opened.

I retook my seat at the microphone, but the sudden play with death had allowed me to realign my thoughts. I needed to take control.

“Probably for the same reasons as you started your blog.”


“I started it because I enjoy having real and interesting conversations with people following a creative path full of uncertainty and instability.”

“I understand Alastair – I follow a very similar path in my industry.”

“What industry is that?”

“Meeting strangers on the internet.”

“What would you say has been your most interesting Podcast so far?”

“That’s like asking a kid in a sweet shop to -”

“Christ! Ok, well I’d have to say one I did with an astronaut last week.”

“I’ve been to space Alastiar.”


“And whats the worst Podcast you’ve ever done? Feel free to take some time with this question Alast-”

“This one.”



Dangerous Rating:

2 OUT OF 10

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