The Ice Skating Date

On Paper:

Enjoy the perfect winter day out at Somerset House. Skate day or night with family and friends on London’s most beautiful ice rink

In Reality:

One year ago on The Twitter…

@debsbowie are you the dangerous one?


@debsbowie: “How dangerous?”


@debsbowie: “Drinks?”


He slid into the DM’s but unfortunately that was all it was to become…

“We could also go axe throwing or go-karting on ice Valentine?!”

“But what about a candle lit dinner or a night sleeping beneath the stars listening to poetry… Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo and Juliet comes to mind?”

“She speaks. O, speak again bright angel”

Present Day…

“DD, I’ve accidentally started seeing someone so can’t make the Christmas convention. Good luck on the 12 dates. Jonathan x”


“Well if I’m single in February I’ll make it up to you and be your Valentine?”


The Date

We met by Somerset house ready to hit the rink.

Valentine: “I’ve been so excited for this evening Debbie,”

“Feels like only yesterday we were waffling Shakespeare to each other! Mad!”

We put on our boots – still on uncomfortable grounds…

“So what happened to your Twitter account?”

“Oh it got disabled Valentine.”

“Too dangerous?”

But then the moment we hit the ice it was like my dates melty attitude had frozen with the water…


“But there’s no space to hold on the sides!”

The questioning of my dangerous side ignited a fire within…I took to the ice like I had years before on my kitchen floor…

When I wobbled, Valentine found friends to steady me…

When I skated well, he recorded my achievements..

And he even played tricks like a couple of young lovers…

“Behind you Danger!”

As our time on the ice was coming to an end, we took a quick break and admired other  skaters…

“I’ll kill him.”

Which accidentally got in the way of other skaters…

But then the most dangerous question was asked…

“I’d really like to go on a second date Danger – if you’d be keen?”

“Well I suppose a maybe is better than your twitter going down for a year!”

Still believing that lie…



Dangerous Rating:

Not so dangerous after all. Never judge a book by its cover-

“Right Danger, so I guess we’ll call it a night and I’ll be making like a kidnapper and beheading off – where are my muderer gloves?”

10 OUT OF 10

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