The Tube Chase Date

On Paper:

“Dear DD, your petrifying behaviour this year has pushed you onto the naughty list, but luckily for you I’m feeling unusually kind – so on Christmas eve I will leave riddles at each tube station in envelopes which will lead you to more stations and more clues. If you solve it – I will put you back on the nice list.”

In Reality:


“Debbie, you will get your first clue in Aldgate East station. As you can imagine I’m very busy this evening so only contact me in emergencies.”

Clue 1


“Debbie, have you even tried?!”

“Where do you think it could be?”






“Debbie you can’t just name all the tube sta-“

“NO. Think of the clue Debbie…read it properly and look at the colour of the arrow”


“Can I ask a friend?”


“Excuse me small elf can you decipher this clue?”

Clue 2

“Debbie, what have I said about calling me. Only for emergencies. Now get to your next stop.”


Clue 3

“You’re not going anywhere with clowns, stop thinking so literally. Where do clowns come from?”

“Fine. Sod the clue – where would want to go if you were a kid at Christmas?”

“Yes! And what station is that?”

Clue 4

“What does that even mean?!”


“Right Debbie, stop calling grown men elves and I’ll send it across digitally.”

“No idea.”

“You’re not even trying! I thought you went to an agricultural uni?!”

“Right, think – what stops water?”

“No…think harder.”

“Yes! You’re getting the hang of this Debbie, Now to make the next clue easier I’ve hidden it underneath this rubbish…”

Clue 5

“Santa – we have a problem.”

“What now?”

“Right I’ll send it electronically again.”

“What is wrong with you?!”

“Take each clue separately… so what is the second one?”

“A well?”

“So what would you first be?”


“Yes! Now your final clue is hidden here….”

“…I will not answer the phone again. You’re on your own now Debbie.”

Clue 6

“I’m sorry, Mr Claus can’t come to the phone right now so please leave your message after the tone…Unless you’re on the naughty list.

“Mr Google, can you help me?”

“What is the answer to this riddle?”

The Final Clue…

“Congratulations Debbie, I can see you…”

“I’m just dropping some presents off under the biggest tree on the Common… I won’t tell you which one – just follow the lights…”


Dangerous Rating

11 OUT OF 10!


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