How Blue Are You?

1) When you woke up this morning, what did you do?

a) Did a quick workout, had breakfast and got to work early.

b) Made a pillow fort.

c) Spent 2 hours editing my, “I just woke up like this” selfie.

d) Did a massive fart then hit snooze.

2) How would you describe your current money situation?

a) Relatively healthy, always a bit tight after Christmas.

b) I made an excel spreadsheet on how I was going to save money – then realised I had no money to save.

c) I spent all my money on expensive work out clothes #FITFAM.

d) I ate something out of the bin yesterday.


3) Have you bought a gym membership this year?

a) Had one for years.

b) I bought the gym.

c) Obvs! Those mirror selfies always get the most likes #GIRLGAINS.

d) Still trying to cancel my membership from last year.


4) Which popular quote best describes how your 2018 is going to be?

a) “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

b) “I did not trip and fall – I attacked the floor!”


d) “Let’s go drink until we can’t feel feelings anymore.”


5) Where would you like to holiday in 2018?

a) I’ll be grateful to just have time for a holiday.

b) Middle Earth.

c) If I don’t get to tag myself in @Coachella – I will be raging.

d) Somewhere far away – the Moon?


6) Which New Years Resolution would you most likely choose?

a) Get invited to do a Ted Talk about achieving my goals.

b) Buy a goat.

c) Become Instagram famous..

d) Stay alive.


7) What are your career goals for 2018

a) Look at starting my own business.

b) Train my goat to fight crime.

c) For my work outfit to make #OOTD instagram page.

d) Don’t get fired.


8) How do you plan to spend your next New Years Eve?

a) With close friends and family, it’s always an anti climax anyway.


c) With the Kardashians.

d) Drunk.


Mostly A’s.

You are as Blue as….

You’ve been killing this game for years – driven, motivated and ridiculously good looking – 2018 is gonna be your year!


Mostly B’S

You are as Blue as…

Your undoubted enthusiasm at life is inspirational – keep up the good work in 2018..


Mostly C’S

You are as Blue as

The Blue waffle.

Even though some find you quite irritating, people can’t help but google you with addictive curiosity. Your social media game is looking strong for 2018.


Mostly D’s

You are as Blue as….

The Blue Whale.

The world goes at the pace you set it, and if anyone tells you otherwise in 2018…


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