To All The Women


To the women who brought us into this world…

“Mum, can I borrow some money?”

“No. You’re old enough to make your own money.”

And occasionally probably wanna take us out.


To the women who continue to be our biggest fans and support us,..

Sister: “You sent what to my work colleague, Debbie?!”

“I just wanted to say thank you for proof reading my stuff-“

…No matter what.


“They’re actually called…”

To the women who got us through those difficult adolescence years…

“Paterson, shall we start a rap band?”

“Yeah, fuck it.”

To the ones who gave our parents the gift of grandchildren when we could not…

And allowed us to use their children as a prop to promote our own mothering abilities.

To the women from our university years who let us give them questionable nicknames…

Put us in our place when we stepped out of line…

“George mate – you seen that minging photo I tagged you in last night – pretty funny right?”

“Yeah. But you know what’s funnier, Debbie – the album I just uploaded of you.”

And gave us responsibilities, which they know we could never return the favour for.

“Debbie, will you be my bridesmaid?”

To the women who are always there for us…

“Hannah, are you awake?”

“It’s 1am, Debbie – what do you want?”


Whether they like it or not.

“Merryn, have you checked my blog post yet?”

“Debbie – I’m not answering this phone again. Just be patient and I’ll check it when I have the time,”


To the women who employ us against all odds…

“Bex, I can’t come into work today – I’ve got a date-“

“That is not a reason!”

“Hang on?! I can’t hear you – I’m going through a tunnel!”


And the’work wives who put our happiness above their own…

“Debs, what’s wrong?!”

“It’s gonna be ok!”

“But how, Kirsty?! My business is ruined!”

“You can have my login…”

“But what will you use?”

“I’ll be fine. You need this more than me…”

To the women who put duty above all else…

Inspire generations…

And make new worlds when this one becomes insufferable.

And finally to the women who make us believe anything is possible…

“Bae, do I get to wear a real crown?!”

“Bop, you get to wear it all…”

And become the greatest version of ourselves.

DD xx

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