The Las Vegas Holidate

The Las Vegas Holidate

On Paper:

What happens in Vegas…

In Reality:

The Cape Town Holidate – Part Two [Continued]

I had the jet lag.

“Debbie, please try sleep.”

“Just try -”

But I couldn’t.

“What are you doing now?!”

“Stop it and come back to bed.”

“You’re not going to sleep are you?”

The best thing about Melvin was when I came up with a problem, he always had a solution.

“Lets take you on a drive. We’re going to Death Valley.”

“Oh brilliant!”

“It’s the hottest place on earth, Debbie – you need to put on suncream.”

“I always burn then I tan, Melvin.”

“This sun is dangerous.”

But then we arrived.

And the heat rose

“How you feeling, Debbie?”

But then

“Still wanna tan?”

We arrived back to the hotel, my tan developing.

“You ok, babe?”

“Come here”

“Why? You gonna slap it.”

“No, Debbie. I’m gonna rub after sun in.”

I sat on his lap at the edge of the bed as he attended to my purposefully burnt legs.

“Why are you so nice to me, Melvin.”

“Because you’re a bombscare but someone has to look after you.”

“Right you ready to jump on my chopper?”

We flew over the Grand Canyon in our helicopter accompanied by other couples on their honeymoons.

“So how long have you two been together?”

Melvin: “And that’s one week too long if you ask me!”

It was the most perfect second date. We wondered down Fremont street with my lucky leg

Then it lost all our money.


And the show of a woman who used to be soundtrack to my life…

With just a momentary blip.

“Debbie, you’re making it sound like I shagged someone.”

“You might as well have done, Melvin.”

“The stripper was right in front of me, where was I supposed to look?”

“Shut your eyes next time.”

“You were on Tinder yesterday!”

“That’s different.”


Fortunately we had made up and I found a way to mark my territory.

“Is that foot going to be there all day?”

On our final evening, Melvin was determined for me to make at least one decision.

“We can either Helicopter ride down the strip, go on a rollercoaster or visit a sign museum this influencer I know went to and get some cool photos, what do you want to do, Debbie?”

“If “you” wasn’t an option?”

So, Melvin took the reigns. “We’re going to the museum, I know how much you love the gram.”

We arrived, and it wasn’t quite as we had seen on instagram. Melvin, being an intelligent man was struggling to understand the point in this museum tour.

“She’s pointing at the sign telling us what the sign says – surely that’s the point of the sign.”

But I was too busy influencing on instagram to notice.



Dangerous Rating:

We got a taxi back from the museum, Melvin commenting on my unique touch.

“You ever gonna shave your legs?”

Before I finally asked the question.

“How much do you like me out of 10?”


“No, Debbie to get 10 you need to do something else.”

“Anything, Melvin.”



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