Dangerous Debbie is a brutally honest and award-winning blog (I won Tinder) that aims to make you smile and realise things could be so much worse.

I created DD at the end of April 2015 and since then it has touched thousands from it’s really relatable subjects. Such as breaking and entering, stealing milk and accidental anal.

Welcome to my world (as an utter liability).


DD xx

Everything in this blog is taken from real life, and has not been edited for your entertainment.


Blogger of the year


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Damn Tinder to hell. Came here to investigate – but on returning it refreshed and you’ve gone.

    The Iron Man mask is probably the greatest thing that ever happened on a first date… Did you, um, have it in your bag just in case – or was it his?

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  2. Very іnteresting information!Peгfect just what I wwаs searching for!
    “Some people don’t get it when I’m being sarcastic.” by Leonaгdo DiCaprio.


  3. Does Dangerous Debbie need a date with Dangerous Dave?! I think so….let me know. (Didn’t even mean that to rhym, that how cool I am!)


  4. Hahaha! Really nice to meet you yesterday in the BBC. Very, VERY funny blog. You made me laugh. Andy (the regular) told me about your site… Excellent. Let’s go out sometime and compare height restrictions, CM lies, feet failures, the use of medical heels, general vertical pros and cons ….


  5. Came here from tinder after swiping write, first time back on Tinder after two years actually dating and interacting with people.

    I read – accidental anal

    … Questioning all my life choices

    Debbie, it took five minutes from install to deleting that Devil bastard app. Thanks for the reality cheque


  6. So, I’ve just stumbled across you on Happn (you’re imminently about to accept the charm, yeah?) and subsequently found myself on your website..

    Seeing as your last Debauchery blog was in August, perhaps you’re short of materiel for the next edition? Provided appropriate levels of confidentiality are applied, I’m very willing to assist and perhaps we could go for a drink sometime?


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