Why did you start this blog?

In 2015 I discovered a gap in the blogging world; a website to offer some cold, hard truth about dating. Here I found many penis’s willing to rise to the occasion and give me the answer. After experimenting with over 100 dangerous dates I found a permanent partner – so now I’m ready to divulge all my expertise’ on how to find the D, how to keep the D, and how to get over the D…

What makes you a ‘Dating and Relationship Expert’?

I have a boyfriend.

When did you discover your boyfriend was ‘The One’ ?

When he compared my vagina to a haggis and still had sex with me.

What would be your main piece of dating advice?

Date everyone.

What would be your main piece of relationship advice?





  1. Hungry Hamster
    / 2:03 pm

    Forgive me if this question has been asked before, but;
    If you were a rodent, what would be your trick to relieve mouse traps from their cheese? And if you were successful would you tell other rodents how to secure their future, or would you hire yourself out as a super hero and then live in a rodent Kingdom and make humans your slaves??

  2. Nicola
    / 11:42 am

    nice blog…but you seems hate men…

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