Tinder Testimonials


Self depreciating Marvin; “I’d say I’m interesting enough to be blogging material (I’m not, even my own mum can’t wait to get me off the phone)”

All guns blazing Todd; “You officially win at Tinder. YouTube video was hilarious – may have watched it twice”

Confused and possibly disturbed James; “What did I just watch”

Rom-com fanatic Gareth; The First date post is truly hilarious, reads like a very mischievous parody of Helen Fieldings ‘Bridget Jones Diary’. The chap in question seems more William Thatcher (from Notting Hill) than Mark Darcy NB. Flicking his John Thomas made me chuckle a lot”

‘I like my women like I like my safari animals’ David; “Hello, you sexy long giraffe”

Toilet hogger Colin; “And I thought I’d done some stupid shit – don’t worry dignity is over rated. Great toilet read”

Questionable sexual tendencies, Mustavar; “Your covering letter turn me on”

Date from: It’s a Small World, Full of Small Men with Short Man Syndrome; “Note: I do not give you permission to write it and I reserve the rights to have it removed if I so wish at any future date via legal action, if you chose not to willingly remove it on request. My lawyer advised me to send this across”

Fellow appreciative dairy fan Dave; “Love your blog – and milk, trip to Lidl soon?’

Hogwarts Graduate Richard; ‘Hi, I think I recognise you from Hogwarts, weren’t you in Professor Sprouts class for herbology?’

Regretful Simon; ‘Did you know that a dolphins nipple is in it’s bum’..(a week later) ’After reading your blog I am regretting my dolphin nipple fact’




  1. Fabiano Domenico Lombardi
    / 12:46 pm


  2. Ian
    / 3:53 pm

    Debbie, hi.
    Just a little word of caution.
    I took your advice on your tinder profile and checked out your blog before swiping (if I remember correctly those were your instructions) but unfortunately, for my tinder search that is, I got distracted for so long that tinder reset and I lost your profile.
    All is not lost however, I enjoyed your blog, it made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions, just enough consolation for the loss of a perfectly good right swipe!
    Future potential suitors should swipe right, if they wish, before getting lost in the blog!

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