Write With DD

For the past 12 months I have dedicated my life to writing up my most dangerous tales on the internet (destroying all hope of eternal happiness) so now I want to give something back to you, my wonderful readers.

(And destroy all your happily ever afters….)

I want to hear about your most courageous (horrific) tales, from first dates to embarrassing moments where you curse the day your mother spread her legs and brought you into this world.

Send your tales to: dangerousdebbie26@gmail.com

Together we can find suitable gifs, memes and edit your story to give the optimum hilarity with relatable cats and otters. Also if you wish to remain anonymous, similarly to my very misleading alias ‘Dangerous Debbie’ we can come up with a suitable stage name.

Thank you for following my story…

Now I want to hear yours.tumblr_m09p3n380y1rogwyqo1_500

Love and anal,

DD x

(If you get picked you’ll get a free t-shirt – one size fits most.)